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25.10 / Secret found in the tower room

As of recently the tower room at Ibsens Hotel in downtown Copenhagen was a mystery. But an unexpected visit added a new chapter to the Hotel’s history, and a beautiful scarf now connects the past to the present. Read more »


05.06 / Run with us – Tuesday and Thursday afternoon

It’s free to attend when you are a guest at Ibsens Hotel or Hotel Kong Arthur. You will run together with locals, employees at the hotel, and other hotel guests. Meet up in running clothes Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 17:00 at Ni’mat Spa. The run will be 4 – 5 km, and everyone can join in regardless of level. After the run, Ni’mat Spa is open exclusively to runners. Sign up at reception. Read more »


03.14 / Is it really true

Many don’t know, but Copenhagen can already now announce ‘sold out’ for several periods in 2018. To be more specific, it means that we already now have periods with few available rooms. But you don’t have to worry. Read more »


11.09 / Service the way we like it

How can we improve our service and make it truly remarkable, we ask ourselves. We are also discussing it within the framework of NICE. Read more »


10.24 / Hotel guests, staff and locals are running together 

Fresh air and lots of energy – that’s the way to kick-start the day twice a week at Hotel Kong Arthur and Ibsens Hotel. Read more »


06.26 / We have spared 34,596,000 l. of groundwater

Recently we received very good news from one of our suppliers (Hørkram). They told us that our procurement of organic food in 2016 has spared 34,596,000 liters of groundwater for residue of pesticides and fertilizers. Read more » 


02.21 / Back to basics – Nordic spirits

For a long time the focus has been on gastronomy, while only little has happened in the field of spirits. Right now something interesting is happening. Small, new spirits producers pops up throughout the Nordic region including our local area. We have made a new start and brought in new spirits to our hotel bars. Read more » 


11.24 / Our top 5 tips for hotel booking

Your hotel has to be a place you feel like staying. A place where you will be able to recharge for the next day’s challenges. Hotels are different in terms of location, services and in terms of what is included in the rate. Your hotel booking is probably the key to a successful trip, and in that field we are experts – we are the insiders. Here are our top 5 tips. Read more » 


10.20 / “Hygge” as the trend of the times

“Hygge” has become a trend and is one of the hottest topics in the English-speaking world at the moment. Brexit, political unrest, terrorist attacks and other incidents make us more introvert and security seeking and the obvious choice is to focus on one’s close relations and the little things that make everyday life enjoyable. Read more » 


05.25 / Book a penthouse apartment

In some situations, it’s better to book an entire apartment rather than a hotel room. Airbnb is quite possibly something the hotel industry can learn from. Naturally, our guests are given more than what they’d get when booking private apartments through Airbnb, as all of the hotel’s facilities and services are included. Read more » 


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