One of the cornerstones of our company is care for each other and care for the world around us. Founded by the couple Hans and Søster Brøchner-Mortensen, a carpenter and a nurse, Arthur Hotels is built on values of prosperity and solicitude. We want to help others develop, and we want to help where we have the right competencies or resources to help.


On 25th of September 2015, the world’s Heads of State and Government at the UN Summit in New York adopted a very ambitious development agenda. The goals became effective from  January 1, 2016 and will set us ahead towards a more sustainable development for both the people of the world and the planet.


We in Arthur Hotels think it’s important to support common goals to make a change. Therefore, we support the UN’s sustainable development goals, and we have chosen to focus on 5 of them. We have invited the staff members who wish to engage to join our CSR committee. Our CSR committee will initiate projects  and/or  sponsor projects within the 5 goals. We wish to give our small contribution to creating a better world for our successors.


Below you can read an extract of what we already do and have done:









  • Donation of a gift certificate for Mødrehjælpens Christmas auction to support families in powerty 2021 . 
  • Donation of a gift certificate for a national fundraising, 2021, to support medical care of war-affected and orphaned children in the developing countries.
  • Donation of a gift certificate for a charity auction held to support The Danner foundation, 2020. The Danner Foundation is supporting battered women and is part of our neighborhood 2020 + 2021. 
  • Donation of a gift certificate for Red Barnet’s charity auction for the benefit of vulnerable children. Red Barnet has arranged the auction in collaboration with
  • Donation of gift vouchers, for the organization Gadens Børn charity gala. Gadens Børn works with vulnerable street children in Kolkata. Our desire is to give the children the opportunity to create a future away from the street. 
  • The sale of meeting packages in the 1. quarter of 2019  has resulted in an amount of DKK 30,000 to the NGO, DINNødhjælp, which works for schooling and education of poor and excluded children in Nigeria, 2019.
  • Donation of furniture, beds, chairs, curtains etc. to Danish Red Cross.
  • Donation of gift vouchers for the international organization, Action Against Hunger,  who works for developping clean water, food, education and health care.
  • We participated in the Red Cross campaign, “Forge the clothes”
  • Donation of DKK 20,000 to Medecins sans Frontiers
  • Christmas help for vulnerable families 2015, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20.









  • We sponsored the International organisation, Action Against Hunger, in 2016.
  • We minimize food waste by nudging in our breakfast restaurant.









  • LoveSpring is water for water – we sell bottled water only from LoveSpring and donate our entire profits to humanitarian well projects in developing countries.









  • Our purchase of organic food  (2019) at Hørkram meant that 32,112 ,000 liters of groundwater avoided residues of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • We are the first hotel in Copenhagen to sort all waste. The waste is collected by 3 different suppliers who handle recycling of different types of waste.
  • Food waste is sorted for biogas production and fertilizers.
  • Our conference pens are made of 100% recycled material.
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Consumption of plastic bottles (spring water) is reduced. We use the good quality and clean Danish tap water for mineral water in the bar.
  • We support organic and sustainable production by our purchases for breakfast buffets and the other F&B areas.
  • We follow dogma rules to prioritize our purchases: 1. local and organic products. 2. Locally conventionally produced. 3. Organic foreign fruit and vegetables.
  • We cooperate with local suppliers, here among the organic farm, Mangholm, Vores brød in Valby, Hørkram and several others.
  • We reduce our waste by engaging in recycling (circular economy): We provide white goods, office furniture, quilts, pillows.
  • We use organic guest articles – Nordic Amber (organic toilet series).
  • We prefer products made of bioplastic, eg. maize glasses for the bathrooms.









  • We cooperate with Green Mobility, and offer electric cars for our guests (sharing economy).
  • We invite our guests to use the bike to get around the city, and rent out bikes.
  • We are Green Key Certified.
  • We are gradually changing all light bulps to LED lighting with a low energy consumption.



  • We sponsered a stay at Hotel Kong Arthur as a part of Børneulykkesfonden charity auction in September 2018.  



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