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Guidelines for COVID-19

The safety of our guests and staff is our highest priority. We comply with the recommendations of the Danish health authorities and we follow their announcements closely. 


The recommendations of the health authorities should be followed based on a precautionary principle, as the most effective measures to prevent the spread of infection is:

  • Isolation of persons with symptoms
  • Hygiene with a focus on cough etiquette, hand hygiene and contact points
  • Contact reduction with a focus on distance, frequency, duration, and barriers


Cleaning policy
We have stepped up our cleaning routines throughout our hotels. This means that all surfaces are disinfected and cleaned several times a day. We have made a cleaning protocol in cooperation with ‘De 5 Stjerner’, a Danish company specializing in facility management, cleaning and service in the hotel industry. This is to ensure thorough cleaning of points of contact frequently touched by lots of different people. We focus particularly on handles, banisters, light switches, elevator buttons, table surfaces, faucets, minibars, cash registers, payment terminals, computers, tablets, remote controls, etc. 


Rest rooms (both for guests and for staff) are thoroughly cleaned at least once a day and more often if we have a lot of guests. Required frequency is assessed on an individual basis. We wash and disinfect all surfaces and points of contact. There are only single-use towels. DFD, a Danish textile laundering service, ensures that towels, bedding and napkins are disinfected and that all linens and towels are washed correctly, at the recommended temperatures.


Breakfast restaurant (valid corona pass required)
The breakfast restaurant is open again. If you don’t have a valid corona pass, you can have breakfast served at your room for a service charge. Our breakfast buffet features as always: New Nordic cuisine, comprising local and organic ingredients. 


Bar and lobby area (valid corona pass required)
Now you have the option of enjoying a drink in our cozy lobby area. The bar is open until 02:00 am. If you don’t have a valid corona pass, you are welcome to enjoy your drink outside in one of our courtyards or at your room.


Corona pass

Show your test result, date and ID card, and remember it must be less than 72 hours old if antigen test and less than 96 hours old if PCR test. If you are vaccinated, you don’t need a corona test, of course. For children below 15 years of age who are exempted from testing, we need to an ID card. If your corona pass is expired you need to have a new test. Please visit one of the following test centres nearby. Reservation is not necessary.

Forum at 6-20
Julius Thomsens Plads 1
1925 Frederiksberg


Fælledparken at 6-20
Frederik V’s Vej
2100 Kbh Ø


DGI Byen kl. 7-22
Tietgensgade 67
1704 Kbh K


Bella Center Drive In- & Walk-In (gate2) open 24 hours
Doris Lessingsvej 23
2300 Kbh S


Behavior and hygiene

There is easy access to hand-washing facilities. Hand sanitizer (70-85% alcohol) in both manual and automatic dispensers is available for guests and staff in common areas.  It is required to wear a facemask or visor when moving around at the hotels.


All staff and other individuals associated with the company are informed of, and comply with, the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations on good hygiene and appropriate behavior.


All members of staff wash their hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer (70-85% alcohol) several times during the day, in addition to the usual times for washing hands, and they use facemask or visor when moving around at the hotels.


We make sure that each workstation is cleaned when one member of staff leaves and another takes over. We have prepared checklists describing:

  • How to disinfect the workstation when a shift starts.
  • How to handle room keys & pens, and how to disinfect keys after check out.


Organizing work schedules
We have reviewed our processes for guest services to ensure that we keep contact between staff and guests to the minimum recommended by the Danish Health Authority. We also take care to control the flow of guests and to ensure that they don’t stand too close together. 


All staff keep a distance of at least 1 meter from guests, and wherever possible from each other. At check-in and check-out, guests and staff stand on opposite sides of the desk having a shield of perspex between them. Face masks or visors are used by the members of staff during periods of increased infection. 


When we have large numbers of overnight guests – more than 150 – we allocate slots for breakfast and check-out to keep lines to a minimum. We inform our guests about busy periods for breakfast and check-out, in order to make it possible for guests choose the less busy times and thus minimize the number of guests in the same room and queuing.


Handling illness and symptoms
All members of staff are informed about what to do if they suspect a case of COVID-19 and if they have been in close contact with someone with symptoms. If they suspect COVID-19, they must inform their immediate manager without delay.


Guests who show symptoms of COVID-19 must self-isolate in their rooms, and a doctor must be called to ensure that the situation is handled safely. The doctor will decide when the guest should be permitted to leave their room. The room will then be disinfected and must remain empty for at least 48 hours before the next guest can check into the room.


Information material
There is information posters about COVID-19 at the entrances to the hotels. People with symptoms of COVID-19 should self-isolate at home and ensure good hygiene and appropriate behavior in public spaces. We have also prepared welcome information leaflets to hand out to guests when they arrive.


Conference rooms
We have prepared a plan for all conference rooms, indicating the maximum number of people for the various seating arrangements, in order to ensure that we comply with recommendations on physical distancing. We have also set up signs in all conference rooms, indicating the maximum number of occupants. The tables and points of contact frequently touched by different people are sanitized between meetings, the rooms are aired and hand sanitizer is available. 

  • Seating arrangements ensure that meeting participants are 1 meter apart, measured from the middle of the seat or ensuring that every second seat is empty.
  • Only 1 person per 2 square meter  floor space.
  • At least 2 meters between the front row of an audience and performers.
  • Groups who already have close contact can sit in adjacent seats, even if they are less than 2 meters apart.


Overnight stays
We make sure that:

  • Guests receive information about the precautions we take to prevent the spread of infection, including the behavior we expect from our guests on arrival, during their stay and on departure. This information can be sent to guests prior to their arrival or given to them when they arrive.
  • We have the contact details of all guests for the purposes of contact tracing.
  • We have a plan for dealing with guests or staff if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 while staying at our hotels.
  • We air out rooms more than usual between each guest, and we follow our cleaning policy described above.


Travel restrictions
The international travel restrictions are updated regularly. Please visit the the official information page for more specific information.












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