Guidelines for COVID-19


The safety of our guests and staff is our highest priority. We comply with the recommendations of the Danish health authorities and we follow their announcements closely. 


The recommendations of the health authorities should be followed based on a precautionary principle, as the most effective measures to prevent the spread of infection is:

  • Isolation of persons with symptoms
  • Hygiene with a focus on cough etiquette, hand hygiene and contact points
  • Contact reduction with a focus on distance, frequency, duration, and barriers



Corona Passport

You must present a valid Corona pass upon check in at our hotels. If your Corona pass expires during your stay, we ask you to renew it. In return you do not have to show your Corona pass every time you are entering our lobby bar or our breakfast restaurant.


We refer to the following test centers:

Rapid antigen test without an appointment »

PCR-test without an appointment »



Cleaning policy
We have stepped up our cleaning routines throughout our hotels. This means that all surfaces are disinfected and cleaned several times a day. We have made a cleaning protocol in cooperation with ‘De 5 Stjerner’, a Danish company specializing in facility management, cleaning and service in the hotel industry. This is to ensure thorough cleaning of points of contact frequently touched by lots of different people.  


Rest rooms (both for guests and for staff) are thoroughly cleaned at least once a day and more often if we have a lot of guests. Required frequency is assessed on an individual basis. We wash and disinfect all surfaces and points of contact. There are only single-use towels. DFD, a Danish textile laundering service, ensures that towels, bedding and napkins are disinfected and that all linens and towels are washed correctly, at the recommended temperatures.



Face mask

A face mask or a shield is required in all common areas of our hotels unless seated. 



Breakfast restaurant

Our breakfast buffet is sustainable and organic. Many items are served portioned. To protect our guests and our staff it is mandatory to disinfect your hands before entering the buffet area. Gloves are available and hand sanitizer are.



Bar and lobby

Our bar and lobby will be closed from 23:00 until 05:00. Last serving of alcoholic beverage is at 22:00 hours.



Meeting rooms

If you are participating in a meeting one of our meeting rooms, you must present a valid Corona pass and Government area regulations are displayed in all meeting rooms and must be complied with.



Behavior and hygiene
There is easy access to hand-washing facilities. Hand sanitizer (70-85% alcohol) in both manual and automatic dispensers is available for guests and staff in common areas. 


All staff and other individuals associated with the company are informed of, and comply with, the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations on good hygiene and appropriate behavior.


All members of staff wash their hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer (70-85% alcohol) several times during the day, in addition to the usual times for washing hands, and they use facemask or visor when moving around at the hotels.


We make sure that each workstation is cleaned when one member of staff leaves and another takes over. We have prepared checklists describing:

  • How to disinfect the workstation when a shift starts.
  • How to handle room keys & pens, and how to disinfect keys after check out.



Handling illness and symptoms
All members of staff are informed about what to do if they suspect a case of COVID-19 and if they have been in close contact with someone with symptoms.


Guests who show symptoms of COVID-19 must self-isolate in their rooms, and a doctor must be called to ensure that the situation is handled safely. The room will then be disinfected and must remain empty for at least 48 hours before the next guest can check into the room.




Information material       
There is information posters about COVID-19 at the entrances to the hotels. People with symptoms of COVID-19 should self-isolate at home and ensure good hygiene and appropriate behavior in public spaces.










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